Help Protect People and Elephants


Grounded in Community is partnering with Elephant Origins to provide clean cookstoves to  tea workers on elephant-friendly certified tea gardens.  


Traditional rural cookstoves require a  lot of wood to use which generates household air pollution.

Traditional Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves generate dangerous levels of indoor air pollution as well as black carbon. 


Degraded Elephant Habitat

Community members who live on the fringes of elephant habitat sometimes out of necessity collect wood from protected forests. 


Reduce Carbon and Conflict

Replacing wood burning stoves with more efficient eco-stoves reduces carbon emissions and human-elephant conflicts. 

Help fund eco-stoves

100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of an eco-stove for tea workers in elephant-friendly certified tea gardens. Efficient, low-polluting cookstoves reduce fine  particulate matter and carbon monoxide exposure, improving the respiratory health of people while mitigating black carbon.  Clean cookstoves help elephants as well by reducing habitat degradation caused by collecting wood for cookstove fires.

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Traditional Wood Burning Stoves

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Reduce Carbon and Conflict

Degraded Elephant Habitat

Help Fund Eco-Stoves